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It gives me immense pleasure to share that educational apps save a lot of time and my kids learn things the right way. Most of the apps that we use on a regular basis are the ones listed on this page. Thanks to Apps 4 Primary Schools!

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Cloud Computing and Accounting Software

Cloud computing is starting to be increasingly mainstream; you can now keep your documents safely online utilizing a service like Dropbox or maybe Google Drive. Accounting applications have become become very popular, leaving behind the times of desktop based application to embrace technology that is new. Maybe even leaving behind your accountant in Houston and solely using apps to track your records.

Our Eight Reasons

Despite what some individuals might let you know having the accounts of yours in the cloud is safer than having them saved over a pc at your company premises. The best cloud software providers need to comply with strict safety recommendations, and your information is readily backed in place for you. Get a virus on your personal computer or server also you might drop a great deal of information in case you haven’t been backing up frequently, cloud software takes away this particular threat.

The application is continually updated at no cost. Yes, you are primarily leasing the software program, as you spend a fee every month to make use of it though you’ll permanently run the most current editions and also you won’t ever have to fork out for software updates, in contrast to desktop solutions.

You can get permission to access your accounts 24/7 from anywhere you’re, so long as you’ve access to the web. This offers entrepreneurs the capability being a lot more in tune with wherever their small business is economical, in real time.

Automated Bank Feed. A great deal of the best cloud accounting apps have automated bank account feeds that will instantly upgrade your transactions negating the demand for manual entry. Check out whether the software you’re choosing offers this choice for the bank you make use of.

Cloud Accounting is much more scalable as a company expands, primarily cloud apps have a selection of 3rd party programs that sync together with the program to supply improved functionality.

Cloud accounting program was created to be very user-friendly and user-friendly, offering comprehensive accounts details at the touch of a switch. This ease and flexibility of use provide the company owner more control over the current financial situation of theirs.

Save on accountancy charges. We do not mean by doing away with the accountant of yours as you’ll still have an accountant whether you use an accounting program or not. By having the financial records of yours in cloud accounting software which they can access, and are accustomed to using, you’re able to lessen the length of time they have to finish your business accounts.

By transferring your profiles online, you remove the necessity for a pricey desktop remedy, hardware to help support the software program, IT assistance for when things predictably go wrong, etc.

5 Must-Know Tips For Choosing The Right Educational App

Be it simple or complex, learning or cooking, we have apps to take our back and support us when we need them. But there are loads of apps filled in the play store, and it is important that we choose the right app. This will not only help us fulfil our needs but also help us use the app to its fullest. So here are some of the factors that you have to take into consideration before choosing an educational app.

Make sure it is fun:

The most important reason as to why we choose the app way of learning is because there is a lot of fun when you learn. But today apps have become a lot more commercial and not all of them are fun. So before you choose an educational app make sure that you choose the one that is filled with play-way methods that will help you learn quicker and better.

Look at the user interface:

Not all apps are user-friendly, and the age of the person plays an important role here. Pick the app that fits your age, and you will be able to access better. Of course, it will take a while for you to get along with the frequency of the app but at the same time, it mustn’t be too complex to handle. This will spoil the learning part.

An app mustn’t be a distraction:

An app shouldn’t distract the kid and divert him into using the gadget for a different purpose. Today there are a lot of apps that prevent moving to the different app without proper authentication. Make sure your apps have all these features. This way you are sure that your kid isn’t misusing the time given to him.

Ask for opinions:

Even in the world of technology, we need people to help us understand how an app works. Though some of the apps that we consider useful are a part of our mobile phones as a result of our own trials, we cannot take the same risk at the cost of a child’s learning time. This will push the learning curve downward. So ask people for an opinion and read the reviews before you download an app.

Measure the actual results:

Despite reading reviews and asking people for opinions sometimes an app might not work the way we want it to. No issues, as you can always uninstall it. Though we have reviews, the best way to decide on the ability and the support level of an app is the use it and measure the actual results. IQ levels and the learning ability differ from one child to the other. What one considers helpful might ruin the time of the other. If your app doesn’t help you learn effectively, uninstall it. Read More

Top 6 Benefits of Using Apps in Education

All most all of us, be it an individual or institution, are into technology-based learning. If that has become the case, then it is undeniable that apps are playing a major role in helping us in learning new stuff every day. Apart from general learning apps also help students learn a lot of things that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. In case, if you still feel vary of apps being a part of your everyday learning, here are some of the benefits that might convince you and help you understand the merits of technology-based education.

Many teachers in one place:

Unlike teachers who vary in their skills and abilities be it in teaching or understanding a students, app a made by multiple people after going through endless analysis. This is the reason as to why successful apps able to cater the requirement of all students, though every single student is unique. This is the reason as to why we say that one app can fulfil the task of multiple teachers.

Saves time:

Apps that help the educational needs of students saves a lot of time and help children become very much efficient and effective on the learning platform. Apps come with a lot of inbuilt options that help us make a note of points, save them to listen later or even download the lectures as podcasts to hear it on the go.

Better fun in learning:

Studying is always boring, but with apps, they have become fun today. Apps are adopting fun learning methods that are not only helping kids learn stuff quicker but also smarter. Play-way method of teaching will help kids remember what they are learning over a long period which might not happen otherwise.


The first thing that comes to our mind with tech-based learning is its availability. The portability of the electronic gadgets has helped us learn anytime, anywhere. Also, kids are able to access these platform 24/7, and that’s what makes learning easy and tireless. Smartphone and laptops are always synchronised. With the arrival of IoT, simply all devices can be connected to internet and learning can happen as you please.

Paperless world:

With the launch of apps we are almost closing in on a paperless world. Inching away from anything that is materialistic, all our possessions are turning digital. This is the reason as to why we are learning more and storing more on the go. By doing so, we are benefiting our earth as well. Imagine the tonnes of trees that are shed down for the sake of making papers. All this will come to a pause with apps and digital world.

Systematic and advanced learning:

Systematic learning is possible in the digital world. In a world that is running fast, it is quite hard to keep track of the things that we are doing, and that is the reason as to why we are forced to compromise learning. So advanced learning is possible through apps.

Cloud Computing

I was told the other day that within the next couple years we would be saying goodbye to the school based server and back-ups. Initially, I was quite impressed. ‘Wow! Are schools moving to cloud storage services now?” I thought. This seemed a big move but I could see the advantages … and the potential pitfalls.  In discussion with our school techy, this potential move to cloud storage was reigned in somewhat! There may be issues with what classified information can be stored off-site, especially if not held on servers in the UK.  Ok .. one to look into. Also, any cloud computing is reliant on the speed and quality of the broadband connection. I can just imagine 14 classroom PCs all trying to access files, watch videos, download materials at the same time over a broadband connection – potential issues. This is certainly an idea to keep I mind but maybe it’s not for us, for a little while at least!

Filtering on iPads

Most schools have broadband providers who include high quality internet filtering services as part of their service. This is very important and limits what children can access on the school PCs. However, it should be noted that the filtering offered doesn’t necessarily work on iPads. We found it beneficial to set up each iPad as we would for an individual device – using the options in the restrictions section of the settings menu. If anyone else has encountered similar issues or has another solution, please do let us know.

Which tablets should we invest in?

We decided to invest in iPads about two years ago. Has this been a good decision? Having been through the implementation of tablet computing in a primary school, I’d say that things have gone smoothly on the whole. The advantage of going with iPad was that most staff members are very familiar with the operating system – owning iPhones! This means that little time has been designated to training for the staff or pupils – bonus! There are a wide variety of good quality apps and a volume licensing system which can mean significant savings on multiple app purchasing. The quality of the devices is good and they have survived two years worth of use with few problems.

The key feature of the successful implementation is to build up an ecosystem around the devices. We initially purchased 30 iPads and decent protective cases. We invested in a MacBook to act as a server to sync the iPads and a charging trolley. We enrolled on the Volume Purchasing Programme and selected a range of apps after some detailed research. The inclusion of an Airprint printer and ‘Airserver’ installed on our classroom PCs allowed for an output from the devices – hard copies or presented work on the class IWBs.

Most of this could be achieved using other types of tablets and I believe that it doesn’t really matter which device you select. However, the devices are only as good as the wireless network they are using!

Should schools have an IT Suite?

This is a question that comes up regularly in courses I attend. The answer from the ‘people in the know’ is usually “No.”  The key reason for this seems to be the assumption that schools are stuck in the dark ages of the 1990s where the only use of technology was an hour each week timetabled and rigid! Of course, this is not how technology should be taught or used to enhance learning. That said, I believe that if used correctly, the IT Suite is still a very valuable facility to have in school. Let’s consider the advantages of a Suite: it is a room, inevitably with hard-wired PCs or laptops which tend to work more reliably than some laptop trolleys, they don’t run out of charge and can be set up prior to use with minimum fuss or worry from the teacher who has just finished an English lesson and after computing will be teaching maths or science! A school with a designated ‘hub’ for computing shows a commitment to IT.

If a school is considering whether or not to spend out on an upgrade on a Suite, I’d recommend considering the following questions: Do you have an effective wireless network and mobile technologies in place to ensure that IT truly is flexible in the school? Can you spare the room for a designated IT area? If the answer to both is ‘yes’ then I would continue to invest in IT Suite. If the choice is to spend on mobile techs or a Suite, go for the mobile techs as priority, as flexibility in this day and age must be a priority.

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