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So you now have your very first mobile app and you’ve just launched it. Now what? Your baby is going to be exposed to a world that’s full of love, joy, wonder, and thrill but if not managed well, it can also be a sorrowful one. Yes! your app needs some meticulous care if you want it to succeed and reach its fullest potential. So before calling for a celebration, you need to take quick and rapid actions that will significantly help your baby as it starts to mingle in a world that’s crowded with apps.

The very first and the most important thing that you need to learn to do is to avoid treating your app as just an app. From the point you launched it onwards, you’ll need to treat it as a business. And just like any other business, you will need to make ways and means to attract more customers to it and start patronizing your app. Be sure to get your app to appear in Google search results and it should be able to reach the market which it’s made for.

Celebrate Your Apps Birthday

Some countries in Southeast Asia have a practice of throwing a party for the birth of a child in order to let relatives and other people know how happy the parents are. You can adopt the same in the launch of your app. There’s no need for balloons or cake, you just need to get the word out about the app itself in order to let people know about it.

And you need to remember that it’s more than just letting people know, it’s also about getting genuine feedback from them. Several studies suggest that more than half of customers would abandon an app that doesn’t give importance to feedback and suggestions.

Making sure that you have an avenue where customers can send their feedback (such as an email address or chat support) can help lessen the agony brought by long forums where distressed customers air-out their sentiments about the negative factors they saw or experienced while using your app. Spread the word to family and friends since they’re the easiest group to obtain feedback from.

The good thing about doing this is that they won’t really hesitate to give you the most honest feedback. They’ll love or criticize the app for what it really is. Getting honest feedback is a good way of celebrating your app’s birth as it will help you plan ahead and employ solutions to make the coming days a lot smoother for your baby.

Get Its Title and Description Optimized

There were an estimated 197 billion app downloads that happened in 2017. This stat won’t matter that much if you’re just an app user. But if you are into mobile app development, the stat is a golden piece of data that will drive you towards optimizing your app in the Google app store.

The easiest way of doing this is making sure that its title and description are both optimized. A blog post by Niel Patel on jump-starting your mobile app keyword research will prove to be very helpful at this stage. After performing the keyword research, it is time to include the words you found in the title and description of your app. Just be sure to write the description in a way that both humans and search engines can understand. Avoid sounding like a robot!

Put a Review Pop-Up Within the App

If you’re hesitant of sending a request to every one of your friends just to get honest feedback from them about your app, you can use an in-app review feature so that every user will see a reminder about leaving feedback while using the app itself.

Soliciting feedback from common people can give you a new perspective and a variety of reactions obtained from people who are less technical. With this simple technique, Twitter was able to take their poor 2.5 rating to one that’s half-point towards the top which is at 4.5 in just a month. The feedback you obtain from users can then be used to improve your app.

Improve Consistently and Make it a Strategy

It is quite easy to obtain feedback but using that feedback to your advantage is the more challenging part. The retention rate of your app greatly depends on how well you listened to user feedback and what solutions/iterations you did to the app to address particular concerns.

A number of studies have revealed that up to 24% of users abandon an app after using it once. Losing such amount of customers is a big thing. Your app needs to get new customers every single day so you need to work on making improvements on a regular basis in order to make your app evolve and cater to the needs of the users. In time as you do this, you’ll be able to make money out of it.

The Finishing Touches

No matter how good your app/business turns out to be, you need to make sure that you’re constantly nourishing it with great values- those that are customer-friendly and can help your app to stay on top. Critics will always be there but you need to use all criticisms to make it work better for your loyal users. Fix in-app problems like bugs before costumers even notice it.

Take good care of your app or you’ll induce a premature judgment day! No matter what happens, be sure to learn the good points, use them and build-up on the good lessons you’ve learned. After all, F-A-I-L only means “First Attempt In Learning” so keep going, keep learning and keep your app growing! That’s the only way towards ultimate success.

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