Apps 4 Primary Schools

Educational apps recommended by teachers!


Hi there!

Investing in tablets for our schools, we have spent hours searching for appropriate apps to support the learning in the classrooms.  We have lost track of the number of magazines, websites and blogs recommending apps which didn’t even use the strategies we use in our curriculum, or with poor or inaccurate educational content.

So we decided to set up this site, where the aim is to make finding useful apps much easier.

We began by personally checking out all the apps listed on this site.  However, as the site grows we are encouraging fellow professionals to review apps for inclusion. We do our best to vouch for quality.  We would never knowingly include any app that we didn’t deem suitable for the children.

We link to the App Store and/or Google play from each app and generally recommend their ‘paid for’ version.  Free apps tend to have limited features.  However, it can be useful to check out free options to see if the app suits you and your children before you purchase one.

We aim to ensure that any advertising appearing on the site will be proportionate, obvious and not hidden.  Any revenue from advert clicks will be used to pay for webhosting fees, not for profit. The main purpose of the site is to provide a useful service to teachers and parents.