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UP +-


A simple and effective maths app designed to support the practise of basic addition and subtraction facts to 10, 20 and 100. My children found it straight forward to use and motivating. Choose one of the avatars supplied when you begin or take a photo to use instead. Enter your name and age and you’re… Read More

ColAR Mix


This is a great app for the younger children who can see their coloured illustrations come to life with augmented reality! The idea is simple – download the app and then print the free colouring sheets. The children then colour them and then use the iPad / iPod / iPhone to bring the image to 3D… Read More

Bugs and Numbers


We already feature Bugs and Buttons on this site and this app is also super!  It is really well designed and looks great.  There are plenty of basic maths tasks to keep the children involved from counting games to basic fractions. This is one of the most popular apps with our Reception children at the… Read More

Daisy the Dinosaur


This free app is a great introduction to coding for younger pupils.  It takes them step by step through simple instructions, gradually building up sequences. From here, children can move onto a variety of other coding apps and then onto classic computing programmes such as Scratch.

The Human Body by Tinybop


This is a fabulous way to investigate the systems of the human body.  Your children can interact with the organs and see how they relate to each other. They will get to explore the basic human anatomy through the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. This app also makes use of the camera… Read More

Art Set


A simple and really effective art app! You can select from a variety of papers from the paper drawer.  Then select from range of colours – standard and metallic, and a set of tools: paint, oil pastels, pencils, crayon, marker pens.  These can be blended and smudged.  It is easy to undo and redo, to copy… Read More

Math, age 4-6


This is has such a range of great activities! It is a super app with a great virtual teacher to guide the children through the tasks which cover everything from basic number work to sequences, position and direction, fractions, shapes, mathematical language, division and more! The initial app is free.  You will need the full… Read More

Math, age 3-5


This is an app we found ages ago but whilst the free part of it seemed to show promise, we never went far with because we couldn’t get over the cost of the full version! How wrong we were! We finally went for it and it is great! It is so refreshing to find an app… Read More

Animal Sounds


This app provides a set of flashcards with good quality images and sounds.  It provides a multisensory learning tool for young children or those with special needs. It is fully customisable. You can add your own cards – record own voice and add own pictures! Use 8 different play modes to show the flashcards anyway you… Read More

Monkey Maths School Sunshine


We were already a fan of the Preschool Lunchbox app featured previously on this site.  This is another from the Thup stable and our children are just as motivated.  This is aimed perfectly at 4-5 year olds and gives them a variety of quick activities to develop their basic maths skills: writing numbers, looking for patterns,… Read More