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Math, age 3-5


This is an app we found ages ago but whilst the free part of it seemed to show promise, we never went far with because we couldn’t get over the cost of the full version! How wrong we were! We finally went for it and it is great! It is so refreshing to find an app… Read More

Animal Sounds


This app provides a set of flashcards with good quality images and sounds.  It provides a multisensory learning tool for young children or those with special needs. It is fully customisable. You can add your own cards – record own voice and add own pictures! Use 8 different play modes to show the flashcards anyway you… Read More

Monkey Maths School Sunshine


We were already a fan of the Preschool Lunchbox app featured previously on this site.  This is another from the Thup stable and our children are just as motivated.  This is aimed perfectly at 4-5 year olds and gives them a variety of quick activities to develop their basic maths skills: writing numbers, looking for patterns,… Read More

Numberjacks – Addition Facts up to 10


This app is one of several Numberjacks apps perfect for younger children.  It is available on a variety of tablets and we like it!  It provides a good collection of basic addition activities: get to a target number in small steps of your choice, calculate addition sums against the clock and inverses of addition to 10.  We… Read More

Toy Story Read Along


Disney do a few of these read along books and this is their free one – that’s why we got it! There are a whole host of features included: a narrator, highlighted read along text, opportunites to paint and export pictures, sing-along songs and games to play! That is plenty to keep them amused and keep… Read More

Bugs and Buttons


This is a great app covering a wide range of basic skills: numbers and counting, fine motor skills, colours, sequencing, sorting, basic problem solving, matching and memory games,  etc.  It makes use of many tablet features – swipe, multitouch, tilting, pinch and zoom.  There are stamps as rewards and encouraging voice-overs. You can also pause games,… Read More

Play 123


A great app for pre-schoolers and possibly Early Years / Foundation.  Short interactive games which make good use of  a variety of touchscreen gestures.  Children have an opportunity to cover shapes, colours and colour mixing and numbers.  The voice has an american accent which is super enthusiastic but not overbearing!

Collins Big Cat – Around The World


This is another great animated book for young readers by Collins.  Children have several options: have the story read to them, read the story themselves, adapt the images to create their own story.  They can write their own text or record their narrative.  They also have opportunities to add speech bubbles and thought bubbles.  It can be… Read More

Doodle Buddy


This is particularly a fun app for younger children.  There are plenty of options including stencils, stamps and backgrounds.  You can use images from the ipad’s photo albums or the internet.  Children can create a variety of brush strokes and easily undo any mistakes.  There are options for adding text, comic-style speech bubbles and annotations. Completed designs can… Read More



We tried out a few drum apps. This was the best rated and we can understand why.  The drums are responsive with very little lag and you can happily drum along to any track in your music folder.  You can select from three styles of drum and re-arrange the kit for comfort.  Whilst no app… Read More