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Statista’s latest information on the number of apps available today show that Android users have access to 3.8 million apps, while the Apple app store is the second largest and users have access to up to two million apps- in March 2010, this number was just 150,000.

Over the years developed apps that have made significant changes in human life has increased. But what are the best apps of all time and perhaps the most influential? Here’s a list of 5 of them which we’re sure you already have installed in your smartphone.


One of the first apps for iPhone users enabled them to take a picture, edit it and publish it on social media via a smartphone. Camera Plus- the hottest editing app in Iphone’s early days, has been swept off of its status in 2010 after Instagram took the spotlight. It easily became the ultimate way to shoot pictures and to share with other users all over the world. Today, it has a billion active users in the month, compared to 800 million in September of 2017. It is by far the most popular photo-sharing/social media site of the world and among many travelers due to its wonderful features including the filters that are readily available for making photos look better before being posted. Today, users from popular cities in the world like New York, London, and Paris to Istanbul and Barcelona use Instagram in order to document the journey.


Twitter has become one of the most influential social networks, used ever by celebrities, politicians and even the President to influence users and to take their messages to the rest of the world. It has influenced even important world events such as the recent #MeToo movement and the Egyptian revolution in 2011.


Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that Facebook was one of the most influential app (and website) of all time. While some are trying to give it up on Instagram and other apps are going to avoid the negative news of the day, they often come back, and it still is one of the most popular apps out there with 989 million who use it every day.


While Google maps is a must, Waze is becoming increasingly popular for those who have to endure a long distance commute. It gives you not only a description of the places you’re going to pass through but also the fastest route to help you avoid traffic jams by using crowdsourcing information of a large community of riders so that you get on time to your destination. If you get stuck in this jam situation and are not able to get through it, will let you know, how long it will still take until you can move again.

Google Maps

Remember the time when you relied on paper maps, atlases, and even asked directions from locals just to reach a certain destination? If you ever went on a journey alone, where the driver seat is on the opposite side and you need to read a map, you know how important Google maps can be. Today, it is hard to imagine traveling without it. In fact, many members of the younger generation, who were exposed to Google maps, don’t even the basics of reading a map that’s printed on paper – in the year 2015 85% of 18-24-year-olds in the UK could not, according to a survey of TeleNav.


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