Cloud Computing

I was told the other day that within the next couple years we would be saying goodbye to the school based server and back-ups. Initially, I was quite impressed. ‘Wow! Are schools moving to cloud storage services now?” I thought. This seemed a big move but I could see the advantages … and the potential pitfalls.  In discussion with our school techy, this potential move to cloud storage was reigned in somewhat! There may be issues with what classified information can be stored off-site, especially if not held on servers in the UK.  Ok .. one to look into. Also, any cloud computing is reliant on the speed and quality of the broadband connection. I can just imagine 14 classroom PCs all trying to access files, watch videos, download materials at the same time over a broadband connection – potential issues. This is certainly an idea to keep I mind but maybe it’s not for us, for a little while at least!

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